Bonfiglioli Pipe

Thanks to Mr.Bonfiglioli for the support he gave us,gadgets and the wonderful pipe you can win at the smoking corner inside the show.

The Pipemaker of the World


Ralf Dings,the most famous youtube channel about tobacco in Germany.

Bar Frenesiacafe'

Thanks to the staff for help us in the bad and good time

Abi Natur

Thanks Sir Abi Natur for spent nice words to us about the show and our country too.

Pipe Gazette

A very nice and complete French Blog by Nicolas.All the news around the slow smoke world.

Ardor Pipes

Thanks so much to Mr Damiano for the nice conversation and tips,we appreciated so much that  and we still remember all the heart you put in pipemaking.

London Filmmakers

London Filmmakers is a creative independent film and music collective.

El Camino Del Sol

El camino del Sol è il negozio giusto per chi ama caratterizzare i propri spazi con singolarità, per chi è alla ricerca di complementi originali e pezzi unici, per chi cerca quel tocco in più che esprima il proprio modo di essere negli ambienti e nell’outfit, o per chi semplicemente ama scegliere regali esclusivi.